~ Arc du Triomphe ~
The Arc du Triomphe pays pure homage to Napoleon, his personal glory, and the glory of his Grand Army.  Napoleon originally wanted an elephant in this spot to symbolize his power and strength of France.  Thankfully that project was abandoned and the construction of the Arc commenced in 1806.  Twelve streets radiate from its foot; the most famous being the Champs Elysees.
A few random photos of the Arc in all it glory!
Also, just above to the immediate right is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  On November 11, 1920, Armistice Day in France, the unknown soldier was entombed at the foot of the Arc.  Ever since, the French President has laid a wreath at this tomb.  This may explain why there were so many beautiful wreaths when we visited.
We were there five days before the holiday.
In 1923, the Eternal Flame was lit.
The beautiful and intricate detail of the floral arches...