~ Some Fun Things We Did ~
Our first port of call was Catalina Island.
We didn't do much, except wander the streets
and shop for about two hours.
The last time we were here, we were too wet to go into any of the stores... we had been out SCUBA diving off Casino Point.
You can see pictures of our dive trip in
January 2006 by clicking
Our second port was Ensenada Mexico.
We had just been here a few month earlier, SCUBA diving also.
Our main focus of us even getting off the ship was to head into town
and eat some great fish tacos!!!
Our third full day was spent at sea.
We slept in, surprise, surprise... however, we did eventually get up since
there were
ALL types of activities to do all day long.
We watched the ice carving demonstration in the early afternoon...
which ended up being an
And we also hit the galley tour an hour or so later...
how immaculate and sparkling clean every kitchen surface was!!!
It was fun to watch them make flowers out of vegetables and marzipan...  YUM!
We also played a few rounds of Carnival's version of miniature golf.
It was alot of fun, and made us feel silly and child like again!
We had a blast!
There was also the pool option...
And while many people, mostly kids, did take a dip in the cold saltwater...
we didn't!
Not even the warmth of the jacuzzi sounded good.
We figured eventually you'd hafta get out!
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