All I can say is that if you started with our resort pictures,
you'll already know that I don't tan...
So, consider yourself
forwarned...  I'm am truly pasty white!!! LOL
Besides, objects underwater lose color the deeper you go down...
and we're about 50 feet below right now!

Having gotten that out of the way, we really enjoyed diving in Cabo!!!
We were actually very lucky to have been able to dive Cabo. Hurricane John had just ripped through Cabo about two weeks earlier. It damaged the road ways to some of the farther dive locations, like Cabo Pulmo and Gordo Banks. That's OK though... I'm sure we'll be back!
On the left, it doesn't look like we are looking at anything, but we are about 60 feet under and are surrounded by thousands of fish in a bait ball!!!

Another picture of the bait ball below.
We were fortunate enough to have a photographer along for the ride. When we originally met her at Tio Sports shack, we asked if she was coming along with us on the dive.  She said "that all depends..."  I then realized that she had all her expensive camera gear with her and she was lookin' to make a buck.  The buck wasn't all that bad. $60.00 USD for about 140 pictures! It was great not having to worry about taking the pictures, and we got some great pictures of us together!
These are just a few of my favorites!!!
CUTE Puffer!!!
One spot we dove was Neptune's Finger.
Only about 25ft deep, but full of
tropical fish, eels, and seafans!
We also dove the "Point." More commonly know as Land's End. It's the famous Cabo arch that you always see pictured. This is next to the sea lion colony, and where we found the school of fish pictured above!
This is Cabo's Window. It's located next to the Arch and Lover's Beach.  Every once in a great while, you're able to walk through it at low tide.  I understand this can be done every four or five years. I'm not sure if this is true or not...  but it's
Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but bubbles...