~ Deep Sea Fishing ~
The backside of my cute little fisherman... 
Reel 'em in honey!!!
(Pacific Jack Crevalle)
Gotcha, again!!!
(Skipjack Tuna)
"Hey Woogs, whatcha got over there?"
Many fish were caught...
Here's a couple of Rodney's Skipjack...
We went fishing our first two full days in Cabo...
What a blast we had!
Even us lady folk caught some fish!

Pia's Skipjack, left, gave a good fight, almost pulling her out of her chair!

One of my fish, a Sierra, wasn't all that hard to pull in, considering it's size...  But it
WAS the fish we took back to our resort and had the chefs make fish tacos out of!!!  Yum!!!
(Check out that nice sunburn on my face!  LOL)
Our boat we rented both days...
The "Quien Sabe"