~ Catchin' The Big One!!! ~
OK... So, you can't go to Cabo without a fishing trip planned!
On the first trip we made to Cabo we went fishing, and had such a blast that this time around... it was a given!  The guys actually went two days... but I'm only posting pictures from the trip we (the girls) went on.
While they were out fishing the second day, we went to the spa!

We chartered the Tracy Ann through
Pisces Sportfishing.  What a great company!  The boat was clean and the crew attentive.
They come highly recomemnded!
But, since we weren't playing in a tournament, and I didn't want callouses...
I handed it off to Scott. Scott fought it for another 20 minutes or so!
This whopper of a Marlin took an hour to catch.  It's about 9 feet long and about
250 lbs.!  I hooked first and fought it for about 15 minutes.
Who then passed it off to Pia.
She fought it for another 15 minutes!
And then...
She passed it back to me!  I'll bet you thought Rodney was up next!  Rodney actually caught his marlin a few days earlier when just the guys went out...  and he says his was even bigger!!! Hmmm...  I don't see any proof!!!
Unfortunately, we fought the marlin so long, that we had no choice to bring it in. This was really hard, as Scott is a true believer in catch & release. We had our hotel cook up the marlin for us for dinner, and the rest we sent home with the crew of the Tracy Ann.  Our resort actually prepared it on two separate nights since there was so much! We had sashimi as our appetizer... and then for dinner they prepared it blackened, breaded and grilled. It was also served with a garlic mushroom sauce on they side!
They fly flags on the outriggers of the boats when coming into the marina.
It announces to everyone what you caught... anything worth a fish tale!
The dark navy blue flag is flying a marlin, while the two yellow flags denote dorado!  We had a great day!  Some boats only had one dorado, or no fish at all. Then again, we also saw a few boats flying wahoo and rooster...
Next time, we'll be after rooster, so Scott can check that off his list!
And yes...  I kept the bill!
It's curing, and when its done,
I'm going to gild the cut end & put it in my curio cabinet...