~ The Paradise ~
Carnival's "Fun" Ship
Have you ever just needed to get away from it all?!?!
Well...  This was one of those trips for us!
We took a simple, short, five day cruise, which took us to Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico.  We didn't really do all that much, since we had already been to those two ports several times on our own.
So, mostly, we hung out on the ship...  and slept!  =)
It was soooo relaxing!
This was the first sight of the inside of the ship as you entered...
The Glory Atrium.
The atrium sores five stories high... and is very bright and colorful.
I'm not sure what the theme of this ship was, but it leans towards elegance.  There's alot of mahogany colored wood, brass railings, smoked glass, and colorful Faberge' egg-type fixtures.
The Normandie Lounge
  This was the main theater...
We saw a few "Vegas" style shows and a few comedy acts late at night.
It was a fun place to pass the time.  They always had something going on here.
If it wasn't bingo and horse racing,
then it was cocktail mixing competitions and dance classes!
There were alot of places to
hang out on abord the ship.
This one on the left is
The Leonardo.
It offered art auctions by day,
and live bands by night.
Also by night,
you could get your groove on in the
Rex Dance Club
More live music could be found in the Rotterdam Bar.
This was the cigar bar of the ship. Not too many people smoked on the cruise though, thank goodness.  The Paradise used to be a smoke-free ship, but when Carnival transferred it to the Pacific coast, it changed it's smoking policy too.  Too bad...
You could also hang out in the very peaceful and quiet
Blue Riband Library...
...Or you could try your luck and play a few hands in the noisy Majestic Casino.
Of course, cruising wouldn't be cruising
without all the EATING you do!!!
This was our main dining room...
The Elation Dining Room.
Kremena, on the left, was our head waitress, from Bulgaria.
Ratchasee was our assistant waitress from the Phillipines.
One of the best parts of the dining experience on Carnival, is that the dining room turns into a club for about 5 minutes each night.
Your waitstaff dances for you, and tries to get you to dance with them!
Lots of fun!
Also pictured below right is Yusef.
He was our ever friendly and so very accomodating Maitre d'.
Of course, there were always other dining options.
The Paris Restaurant...
was the buffet restaurant of the ship.
It also had a grill out next to the pool area,
and a 24 hour pizzeria and non-stop ice cream machines.
Also, to the left,
are our tablemates...
What a nice group of people we had!
Cheers everyone!
Wish you were here!!!
There was also the coffee house, Cafe I'll de France, shown below.
There were also several other bars throughout the ship
and a (dissapointing) sushi house, not shown.
This was our outside stateroom.
Nothing too special... except that we were in it!!!
We did
LOTS of sleeping in here...
We enjoyed afternoon naps
under the cool down comforter and crisp clean sheets...
And every night we came back to our room we had a furry towel pet.
Elvis, our room steward, made us a swan, a puppy, a monkey,
and another creature, which we can't make out.
Also shown is a turtle...
What the heck is that thing on the bottom right?
It's half snake, half crab...
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