~ Des Catacombes ~
This was one of Scott's highlights, and it became one of mine too!
I thought it would be really creepy, but it was actually
much more interesting than creepy!
The Catacombes were originally ancient Roman stone quarries,
but ...
in the 18th and 19th centuries they were filled with the overflow from the surrounding cemeteries.
Nice teeth there buddies!
Some 6 million "people" reside
here after being exhumed and transferred...
Anyone need an extra
hole in the head?!
Such creativity!
Lovely skull and
crossbone work!
When you gotta go, you gotta go!
Some of the tombs looked like toliets, so it was a great funny photo op!  So, no, Scott's really not urinating on it...  Just some good ol' fun...
On to the Opera!!!
Even though they were commisioned to be relocated, the people that put them there were very thoughtful.  They laid everything in nice, somewhat even rows, and made their new "home" look nice.  They detailed the skeletal walls with skulls in symetric rows as much they could.  They also built crosses, archways, and other designs out of the skulls. 

There were also quite a few alters and major tombs to look at.  It was all in French of course, so we didn't really know who we were looking at, but it was still amazing to think of who might be burried there!
Ah yes, and my father decided to lay across someones tomb!!!  I just know we are going to be haunted for the rest of our lives for our lack of respect!
My mother and I were good girls though...