~ Eiffel Tower ~
The Eiffel Tower took two years to build and weighs 7,700 tons.
It's total height is 1,050 ft., except when it's really hot, then it grows another 6 inches due to heat expansion...
It takes 1,710 steps to reach the top, unless you pay approximatley $13 USD to take the elevator, which we did!
It's hard to believe that it was originally considered to be an eyesore when it was constructed back in 1889.
Today, the lacey "Iron Lady" attracts 6 million visiotrs annually.
The top left picture was taken in the early morning, from the top of the Arc du Triomphe, and the artsy picture on the top right,
was taken from Trocadero Gardens,
while we were waiting for the sunset.
The picture on the bottom left is of the beautiful sparkilng Eiffel Tower.  It sparkles for ten minutes on the hour every night...
This was one of those "WOW" moments I'll never forget!!!
The picture to the top right is what happens when you hand over your camera to someone you think might know how to take a good picture... and not run off with it!  It' also a perfect example why flash isn't always a good thing!
Oh well, at least we have a picture of us infront of the Tour Eiffel!!!
While visiting the Eiffel Tower, we dropped in for a bite to eat at their first floor restaurant, Altitude 95.  Actually, we didn't just drop in, we made reservations a month and a half in advance.  I really wanted an unobstructed view overlooking the Trocadero Gardens... and the window seat we got was PERFECT!!!
The food wasn't too shabby either.
We learned not to order seafood, unless you really love it raw.  Scott's appetizer, above, was completely raw.  Oysters, shrimp, sea snails, and periwinkles... Yum!
The desserts we great too, as you can see!!! 
Mine was the bottom picture, what we call Altitude 95's version of death by chocolate!  It had dark chocolate ice cream, and a French chocolate macaroon, and two different dark chocolate mousses, one with an apple cinnammon gelee' on top... WOW!
On to the Arc du Triomphe!!!