~ Ghirardelli's Square & Other Sights~
Just around the corner from our hotel, was Ghirardelli's Square.
They used to actually make the yummy chocolate here, but have since moved.  The store and grounds still remain, with yet, more shopping and dining!

The chocolate store
and ice cream parlor, above...  try a chocolate dipped waffle cone!!!  WOW!!!
Can't go to San Francisco without riding the cable cars!  They're fun... up and down the hills...
At the end of the line, the condutors turn the cars around facing the opposite direction in which they came, and head back out again on the same course.  The cable cars were right outside our hotel... we used them alot!
The San Francisco Maritime Museum, and Hyde St. Pier,
were also right outside our hotel...
Lombard Street...
the crookedest street in San Francisco