~ Manzanillo ~
Karmina Palace
June 2002
For our five year anniversary, June 2002, we decided to visit the Karmina Palace, located in Manzanillo, Mexico...  I had seen it a few years earlier in a travel book, and had my heart set on it!  We were there for 8 glorious sunshine filled days!
The picture directly above is of the front entrance, as are the two above it, on each side of the motto.  Spectacular bouganvillea are throughout the resort.
The picture on the left was taken from our balcony looking to the left, and the picture on the right is also from our balcony, to the right, looking downward.  The path leads to the Mayan Restaurant, where they had nightly shows...
"All Suite.  All Inclusive.  All Exclusive.
Just get here, We'll do the rest..."
Karmina's Motto