The resort had eight interconnected pools; all connected with tunnels and waterfalls.  Restaurants are on
each side of the pool.
This is what we saw most of...
Whether it was poolside, or on the beach... lush palm trees
swayed in the breeze... so tropical!
November 2001 we decided to take a trip to Mazatlan, and stay at the El Cid Mega Resort.  While we had much fun, we have nothing to show for it...  our camera stopped working.  Out of 4 rolls of film taken, only 6 photos emerged of our delight in beautiful Mazatlan.  We had no idea until we got home!  We hope you enjoy the pictures we have to offer...
~ Mazatlan ~
November 2001
Our only photo of us in
picturesque Mazatlan! 
  Tucked away in a cove,
near the pool area.
The island in the middle of the resort, with casading waterfalls, and slides.  We jumped from it daily,
about two stories high.
This was an indoor/outdoor buffet style restaurant.  There was always an elaborate display of food... Yum! 
Their seafood restaurant was located seaside...  great food, spectacular sunsets!!!  The actual restaurant, behind us, turned into a night club
at the end of the night...