~ Notre Dame ~
In 1991 a major restoration program of maintenance was initiated.  It was intended to last only 10 years, but is still in progress as of 2006.  The front entrance to the church has been restored and is quite stunning!
It took more than 150 years to build, begginning in 1163.
Twelve millions people visit annually, but only 6,000 go to worship.
Some of the architecture outside was just as amazing as the details inside.  I'm not sure what this particular wall sculpture is of, but I thought it was interesting that there's a beheaded saint.
The most amazing part of Notre Dame,
were all of the many stained glass windows!
The Rose Window below, is the most remarkable (and photographed.)
It showcases Christ in the middle, surrounded by the 12 apostles,
virgins, and other saints...
Aside from the many stained glass windows,
were the just as stunning chandeliers!
Everything glowed...
Chandeliers, candles, even the gilded gold gates!
On to Sainte Chapelle!!!