~ French Delicacies of All Kinds~
Restaurants and Perfume to name a few!!!
We ate at some of the greatest places!
Below are just a few of them...
Near Place de la Concorde and Place Vendome, is Angelina's.  This "salon de the'" has plush carpets, snooty waitresses and yummy food!  Angelina's is great for people watching and just sipping on Afrikan Chocolat Chaud.  The hot chocolate is the restaurants' star of the show...   It's like sipping on melted bittersweet dark chocolate.
Thank goodness for cream and sugar!!!
We also took a few ice cream breaks at Berthillon's.  It's a landmark on the I'le St. Louis after more than 50 years in business.  Their tiny golfball sized scoops allow you to have more than normal... which is great if you like to try all their many different flavors!  Their ice cream also has no artificial ingredients.  We both loved the chocolate and vanilla, and I loved their dark chocolate...
but the gingerbread stole my heart!!
One of the most romantic evenings we had was one of our last.
We had dinner at Le Coupe Chou.
Soft candelight, great atmoshpere, and delectable food!  This truly is a must for anyone visiting Paris!!!  We originally had reservations for the restaurant a few nights earlier and had missed them.  But, this particular night, we happened to be walking past, just at the right time since we were hungry, and they were able to take us in!  What ambiance and food!  The Beef Bourginon is incredible and the Creme Brulee' wins hands down for dessert!  WOW!!!
Laduree' has been one of Paris' grand cafes since 1862.
We visited two of the four restaurants that they have.  Both were richly decorated and chaotic!  The main reason we wanted to stop by was to try some of the French maccaroons that we kept hearing about.  French maccaroons are not what we here in the United States are familiar with.  They are two almond meringue cookies, flavored with vanilla, chocolate, almond, rose, strawberry or some other flavor, held together by butter cream in a complimenting flavor.  They were quite good and worth the experince, but I don't think either of us would really rave about them.  We tried other tasty confections that overshadowed the maccaroons while in Paris...
No matter where you went, there were always
beautiful store front displays of food!
Cheeses, wines, breads, pastries, fruit, spices, and flowers...
Annick Goutal is one of France's most famous perfume houses... so you know I had to stop by!  Wonderful scents!!!  A few stars use her perfume such as Sandra Bullock, Madonna, Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, Drew Barrymore, and now MOI!
I think we did just as much shopping as we did eating and sightseeing!
Fragonard has been creating perfume since 1926.  We stumble across their home store in Paris, just a few steps from the Opera, down a long narrow walkway.  As we walked towards the building, you could smell the wonderful perfumes and candles!
One thing we got a kick out of were the European Smart Cars!
Larger than a bread box, but not by much!!!  Scott stands next to one, so you can get an idea of the size of them!  Tiny!!!  Really, they are about big enough for two people... and that's it.
No trunk space either...
We also stopped by Oliviers & Company to pick up some of their famous olive oil soap.  It makes your skin super soft!  We also picked up some salad seasonings,
meat rubs, chocolate, and nougat bars...