~ Pier 39 ~
The infamous Fisherman's Wharf... 
Lots of shopping, great food for us seafood lovers, extremely kitschy, but tons of fun!
Fisherman's Wharf was only about 3 blocks from our hotel...  nice and close. 
You pass it on the way to Pier 41 and Pier 39, other tourist trap areas! 
But... We loved it!
While we were there... eventhough it rained constantly...  it was beautiful!  San Francisco was gearing up for their Annual Tulip Festival.  There were blooms all along the pier.  Very pretty!
One of Pier 39's main attractions, are the Sealions!  Don't miss them if your ever there!  Tourists come to observe, listen, and smell...  they stink!  There is a balcony above, to get above the stench... but most want to be down below; close to them.  If you can get to the railing, and we finally did, the view is great!  Up close and personal!  We spent about a half an hour there....  It's amazing how territorial they are!
Don't forget to pay a visit to Bubba Gump's... 
Everyone does!  We did twice! 
The first time was on the Sunday we arrived, and there was a two hour wait...  it was the day after Valentine's Day afterall...  The day we left, we also picked up some grub, and it only took us 15 minutes to get in!  It's worth it though... the food's great!  So is the atmosphere... you can also tell the waiters enjoy working there...  they come around with Gump Trivia!
Just outside Bubba Gump's is a vibrant Carousel...  not too many riders when it's pouring rain!