~ Place de la Concorde ~
( and a few pictures from our Seine River Cruise... )
Place de la Concorde took 20 years to build, beginning in 1755.  A giant pink granite obelisk stands as it's centerpiece.  The obelisk is supposedly a "gift" from the Egyptians, the the Egyptians would say it was stolen from the Temple of Rameses at Luxor, Egypt.
Place de la Concorde was the scene of the execution of Louis XVI.
During the next two years, 1,343 more enemies of the French Recvolution followed, all by guillotine.
Marie Antoinette was also executed by guillotine here!
Everything in the square is very detailed...
as you can see...
A bit of an artsy picture showing the Obelisk
and one of the fountains at Place de la Concorde,
as well as the Eiffel Tower
at sunset...
Another highlight was the Seine River Cruise we took
the first night we were in Paris.  The picture above is one of those souvenir photos you can purchase...  look at how happy we are to be there!!!
It was so romantic, just us two, meandering the waterways in the moonlight!
So many monuments, churches, and bridges to explore...
and they were all beautifully lit up at night.
The MOST awesome sight we saw was the Eiffel Tower
sparkling just as we rounder the corner!
What a perfect night it was!!!
On to the Lourve!!!