~ Pueblo Bonito Rose' Resort ~
For our 2006 trip to Mexico, we stayed at the beautiful
Pueblo Bonito Rose' Resort in Cabo San Lucas!
We own with
Pueblo Bonito in Mazatlan, Mexico...  and we traded for Cabo!
For those of you who are die hard travel fanatics like us, you may be familiar with the photo to the left. This is the picture usually published in the travel magazines.  I took this photo by hopping over the railing and walking to the edge of the roof.  Probably not supposed to do it... but you know how that goes!!!
Neptune's Pool is the first refreshing pool you see once you exit the lobby.  Unfortunately, it's prohibited to swim in it.
Although, I'm not sure you'd want too, as it's the swan's sanctuary!
I do have to say that they keep it sparkling clean... no feathers, or other "stuff!"
Just as beautiful as the swans,
are the bright coral-red flowers along the pool's edge.
The Rose' Lobby
Always airconditioned, scented & peaceful...
There was also a very peaceful walkway from the lobby to the pool area.  Tropical swishing of the palm trees in the breeze,
The flutter of the birds in the aviary right next to it,
And every once in awhile you'd also here the splash of the
occasional fish in the koi pond.
To the left is the view of the Koi Pond just below our suite's balcony.  We found out quickly 
that the fish like marble cake for breakfast!
Everytime we tossed a small crumb into the pond, the fish would go wild. Martin, the groundskeeper, couldn't figure out what they were trying to eat.
Our accommodations...
We stayed in a one bedroom "suite."  I wouldn't consider this to be an actual suite, but more of a nicely upgraded hotel room. The room itself was quite large, and had plenty of space. Space enough for all our luggage to be hidden... not too mention all our SCUBA gear we took down with us.  It also had a very spacious bathroom and a well equiped kitchen.  Made for a very comfortable stay.
And then there was the pool...
Lots of room, great sun & shade for everyone!
Redheads like me don't tan... and then there are those who are born sun worshippers like my hubby, who always comes home nice and bronzed.
Swaying palms, lapping water against the pool's edges, the soft roar of the waves tumbling onto the beach nearby and lots of umbrella drinks to be had!
It's called Neptunes Pool