~ Divers Down! ~
Scott and I just recently completed our Advanced SCUBA class!!!
These pictures were taken from Casino Point in Avalon, on Catalina island.
We had five dives which included a deep dive, a navigation dive, and a night nive.
We had two other dives of our choice...
So, Scott chose the Fish ID dive and I chose the photography dive.
We did it together, and I took pictures of the fish he identified.
It was one of the dives we enjoyed most!
One of the ways we enticed the fish
to come around was to take food down with us.
They aren't too picky either!
In the picture above, in my left hand,
I'm holding a mesh bag, filled with
frozen peas and tortillas...
They just couldn't get enough!
We also recently headed down to Ensenada Mexico to log a few dives...
The purple sea urchins were amazing in color
and they were everywhere!
If only you could see the depth of vibrant purple!
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