~ Sainte Chapelle ~
Sainte Chapelle was built in 1248 next to the royal palace of Louis IX.
It's purpose was to house a fragment of the Holy Cross
and the entire Crown of Thorns.
I was much more excited to see Sainte Chapelle
than I was of Notre Dame...
You enter through the lower chapel, which was used by
the palace servants.
It's supported by flying butresses and accented by the fleur-de-lis design!  It's so beautiful...
but the best part was yet to come!
The King and his courtiers used the upper chapel.
It's reached by ascending a narrow spiral staircase...
This leads you to the undoubtedly "piece de resistance"...
it's stained glass windows!!!
Sainte Chapelle has been called a "jewel box" and a "light show,"
but neither of those suffice!
It's amazing!!!
What a wonderful experience it was just to sit in a chair
and admire the radiant glass!
It truly was something spectacular to admire!
This is a must should you be visiting Paris!
The walls consist of 6,588 sq. ft. of stained glass windows!
It's a pictorial bible illustrating 1,134 scenes from both the Old and New Testaments, beginning with the Garden of Eden through the Apocalypse.
The windows are read bottom to top, left to right...